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Welcome to Flipit™!

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Each cell in a flipit contains a number, initially greater than zero.

This number is a counter representing the number of related cells (including the cell itself) that need to be flipped to a light green color.

In the standard puzzle type, all vertically/horizontally adjacent cells are related, in the (slightly easier) diagonal puzzle type all diagonally adjacent cells are related, in the (more difficult) third puzzle type all cells at a knight jump distance are related.

Your goal: find the unique solution and reset all counters to zero by flipping the right cells!

Tap/click a cell to flip the color and diminish all affected counters by 1. Tap/click again to mark that you think the cell should not be flipped (it will flip back to the original color, but darkened). Tap/click once more to restore it to the 'undetermined' state.

Choose a random puzzle of your preferred type below. Or use the Challenge button to try and beat someone else's best time on a (current type) puzzle they solved.


Puzzle type: Standard (4 columns, 5 rows)

Complexity level: moderate

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